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Cecilio CVN-320L Left Handed Violin
Cecilio CVN-320L Left Handed Violin
Meticulously crafted Ebony fitted German type orchestra left h...
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Purple Violin with case and bow

$279.99 $74.99

This is a purple violin that comes complete with a case and bow. This violin has the following features:

*musical instrument: maple wood
*specification:white pine wood
*back&sides: maple wood
*fingerboard: pear wood
*embed string: maple wood
*chin rest,axes,tail button: pear wood (black)
*string: steel wire from JAPA
*string bridge: white cow within plot wood
*bow: metal branch
*horse tail: white horse cercus
*horse tail storeroom : ebony
*cuprum r warp : (white cuprum)
*triangle cuprum patch : (white cuprum)
*durable case (color may vary)
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