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Cecilio CVN-320L Left Handed Violin
Cecilio CVN-320L Left Handed Violin
Meticulously crafted Ebony fitted German type orchestra left h...
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Gold Plated Flute With Hard Case and FREE Extras

$249.99 $139.99

This colorful gold plated flute is ideal for the student to intermediate flutist.

This Feature Rich Gold Flute Includes:
Elegant ergonomic closed hole design
Construction & features comparable to the Yamaha 200 series but at huge savings
Stainless steel springs with offset G key system
All 24K Gold Plated keys
Key of C and footjoint C
Precision drawn tone holes
Split E mechanism- it makes producing and sustaining E3 a lot easier, recommended by most flute teachers.
Includes a quality case & Cleaning rod
Includes a soft cleaning cloth
High luster polished gold finish (gold plated)

Perfect for beginning to intermediate flutist

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