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Washburn B16 Banjo
Washburn B16 Banjo


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Washburn B17 5 String Banjo

$1,783.90 $989.99

This Washburn B17 Banjo features a carved rock maple neck, Maple base with rosewood tip bridge, a beautifully Flamed maple resonator, Deluxe inlays and so much more.


  • Bell brass tone ring 
  • Flat head construction 
  • Tension tailpiece 
  • Engraved armrest 
  • Remo head 
  • Maple base with rosewood tip bridge 
  • Flamed maple resonator 
  • 24 tension brackets 
  • Gold hardware 
  • Planetary tuners 
  • Carved rock maple neck 
  • Rosewood fingerboard 
  • Deluxe inlays 
  • Pearloid truss rod cover


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