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Gold Plated Flute With Hard Case and FREE Extras
Gold Plated Flute With Hard Case and FREE Extras
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Washburn B16 Banjo

$1,426.90 $859.99

This Washburn B16 Banjo features intricate pearl inlaid fingerboard and peghead. Other features inlcude a 5-piece maple neck with double adjustable tension rods, a bell brass tone ring, 14 ply hardwood rim and bookmatched flamed maple resonator.


• Bell Brass tone ring 

• Engraved armrest 

• Maple neck 

• Flamed maple resonator 

• Fingerboard radius flat

• Rosewood fingerboard 

• Maple bass with Rosewood tip bridge 

• Tension Tailpiece 

• Chrome geared tuning machine 

• Remo high tension head

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