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Cecilio CVN-320L Left Handed Violin
Cecilio CVN-320L Left Handed Violin
Meticulously crafted Ebony fitted German type orchestra left h...
Product Information

Blue Upright Double Bass

$1,200.00 $649.99

Blue Upright Double Bass outfit with bow and soft case.

Product Features:

. Maple back and sides
. Select spruce top
. Arched back construction
. 24:1 ratio Tyrolean_style machine heads
. Arched back construction
. Rosewood frog bow with genuine horsehair
. Padded nylon bag
. Extra set of strings (While supplies last)

Product Tags: double bass, upright bass, string bass, bass fiddle, bass violin, doghouse bass, contrabass, bass viola, stand-up bass, bull fiddle.

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