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Gold Plated Flute With Hard Case and FREE Extras
Gold Plated Flute With Hard Case and FREE Extras
This colorful gold plated flute is ideal for the student to in...
Product Information

Black Upright Double Bass

$1,200.00 $649.99

Black Upright Double Bass outfit with bow and soft case.

Product Features:

. Maple back and sides
. Select spruce top
. Arched back construction
. 24:1 ratio Tyrolean_style machine heads
. Arched back construction
. Rosewood frog bow with genuine horsehair
. Padded nylon bag
. Extra set of strings (While supplies last)

Product Tags: double bass, upright bass, string bass, bass fiddle, bass violin, doghouse bass, contrabass, bass viola, stand-up bass, bull fiddle.

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