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Adjustable Viola Shoulder Rest
Adjustable Viola Shoulder Rest
This finely made shoulder rest has a lightweight construction ...
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Cecilio CVN-100 Rosewood Student Violin + FREE EXTRAS

$199.99 $109.99

Meticulously crafted Rosewood student violin made by highly skilled luthiers holding to the strictest of quality standards is available here at at a very competitive price.

Violin Outfit Features:
* Hand-Carved Solid Spruce Top
* Hand-Carved Solid Maple Back & Sides
* Varnish Finish with Inlaid Purfling
* Rosewood Pegs, Chin Rest and Fingerboard
* Alloy Tailpiece With 4 Built-in Fine Tuners
* Brazilwood Bow With Rosewood Frog & Unbleached Genuine Mongolian Horsehair
* Lightweight Form Fitting Hard Case with Pockets & Strap
* Size Available:1/32 to 4/4

Outfit includes the following FREE accessories:
* FREE Extra Set of Violin Strings. $25.00 Value!
* FREE Extra Violin Bridge. $5.00 Value!
* FREE Quality Rosin Cake. $5.00 Value!

FREE BONUS! - Our special way of saying thank you -We will include this helpful guide: Learn To Read Music Absolutely FREE (Regularly $7.99).

Need to know how to determine the best violin size? Use our violin size guide located here.

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