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Merano E Flat Gold Alto Saxophone with Case
Merano E Flat Gold Alto Saxophone with Case
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Hohner HB25 Banjo package

$389.99 $239.99


The Dean B3 pack is a feature rich starter banjo that is cheap in price, not quality. With many features like rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays, a beautiful mahogany rim, neck and resonato, open gear tuners, and a Remo head. The Dean B3 pack also includes a gig bag and a pitch.


• 26-1/2" Scale 
• Mahogany Neck 
• Rosewood Fingerboard 
• Pearl Dot Inlays 
• Vintage Open Face Tuners 
• Celluloid Binding 
• Finish: Gloss Natural

The Hohner HB25 Banjo package is ideal for the beginner and comes complete with a Gigbag, Strap, and Pitch Pipe.




  • 5 string Resonator
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany
  • Rosewood with Dot inlay
  • Classic Appointments
  • Chrome with Pearloid Keys
  • Remo tom Coated top



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