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Gold Plated Flute With Hard Case and FREE Extras
Gold Plated Flute With Hard Case and FREE Extras
This colorful gold plated flute is ideal for the student to in...
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1/4 Size Cello Set + FREE Extras

$369.99 $239.99

This 1/4 Size Cello is our cheapest cello which Features:
Spruce top. basswood back, neck and sides. solid wood pegs and fingerboard. Alloy tailpiece with 4 built-in fine tuners. Arbor bow with genuine horsehair. Carrying bag. Rosin. Beautiful High-Luster Varnish Finish.

Cello Includes*:
1 x Bag
1 x Bow
1 x Strings
1 x Bridge
1 x Rosin

This is a cheap cello made from quality material and craftsmanship and will last for many years.

*Cello may be different in color than what is shown in the picture.

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