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1/2 Brazilwood Octagonal Violin Bow
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How To Choose The Proper Violin Size by Musicalmart

Guide on how to choose the proper violin size

When choosing a violin it is important that the correct and most comfortable violin size is first determined. Often times the important step of violin sizing is overlooked and impacts the player's performance and progress. Choosing the proper violin size involves 2 easy steps and this should be done each time you wish to buy a violin or upgrade a violin for a growing child or teen. The first step is to have the violin student or player stretch out his or her arm fully ensuring that there is no bend in the arm. The second step is to measure the total distance from the center of the palm to the sternum (located at the very center of the chest). After following the above instructions you use the measurement and our sizing chart below to determine the proper violin size.


Measurement in inches
Violin Size
23 inches or more
22 inches
20 inches
18 inches
16 inches
15 inches
14 inches

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This article was published on Wednesday 03 October, 2007.
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