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Merano E Flat Gold Alto Saxophone with Case
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Viola Sizing Guide And Chart

Viola Sizing Guide and Chart

There are a variety of viola sizes. It is important to know how to determine the right viola size before purchasing one. In this guide, we will discuss the more common viola sizes and show you how to take your own measurements to find the size that is right for you. The most common adult viola size is 16 inches. However, some adults may find that their measurements are between 15 inch and 16 sizes, the suitable viola size would then be the 15.5 inch viola. Often times a 16.5 inch viola is prefered because of the richer and fuller tone & volume that is generated or the viola player's measurement is longer.

Getting Measurements

The first step to finding the most suitable viola size is measuring the distance between the center of the palm and the neck, this is called the arm length. This can be done by haveing the player raise their left arm level with their shoulder and turn their palm so that it faces upward. Measure the distance between center of the palm and the neck. Next, use the viola size guide below to determine which viola size will be the most suitable size for the player.

Viola Size
Arm Length (in inches)
26 1/2 inches
26 inches
25 1/4 inches
24 1/2 inches
23 inches
21 1/4 inches
20 inches


This article was published on Tuesday 27 January, 2009.
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